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The Watford Cheetahs celebrate their 25th anniversary season this year & kicked off the season with an away win at the Bedfordshire Blue Raiders.

Watford have seen a huge increase in both numbers & talent over the off-season, partly due to their new relationship with fellow Hertfordshire team, the University of Hertfordshire Hurricanes, which saw their number boosted by several BUAFL semi-finalist 'Canes.

The Cheetahs ran out winners with a score of 15 - 0.

You can see a full match report in Issue 5 of Inside American Football

Tuesday, 17 May 2011 21:35

So what's Cheerleading Like?

In our first look at cheerleading, Hertfordshire Siren, Heather, gives us an insight into what it's like to cheer fro her University American Football team, and what cheerleaders do when they're not at the game

You can read the full article in Issue 5 of I.A.F. Magazine.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011 21:31

Panic Stations for the Punter

This month top BAFRA Official, Steve Tonkinson, discusses the finer points of punting.

Steve looks at what the options are for the punter & team when things go a bit pear-shaped and looks at what the rules have to say about the various situations the punter may findhimself in.

You can read the full article in Issue 5 of I.A.F. Magazine.

The Peterborough Saxons appear to have pulled out of the 2011 Season after just three games.

The Division 1 Central team have forfeited the remaining games for the 2011 season. The reason for their problems is unclear though apparent Saxons players are on the forums citing the departure of the General Manager & Head Coach together with a number on injuries meaning they cannot continue competitive football this year. A further forum comment cites the team failing to recover from the loss of up to 31 players from the squad since the end of the 2010 season.

The BAFA Community League website is showing their remaining games against Leicester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Oxford and Birmingham as a 1 - 0 loss.

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