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Warriors beat the odds in division 2 final

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The Winning South Wales Warriors The Winning South Wales Warriors Garry Neesam

The South Wales Warriors may have been the fifth seed coming in to the playoffs but they looked superb throughout the postseason and played like the better team in this game with a near unstoppable offense that brought the unbeaten West Coast Trojans crashing down to earth in a 48-20 game that proved one of the weekend’s most exciting.

The game started with the Warriors receiving the opening kick-off and after a massive play down field to Sam Williams they were set up in the Trojans 20. From there it took just a couple of running plays for the Warriors to get in for the score. The scoring play a run by back Martin Tranter.

The Trojans first drive also worked its way down the pitch but on third down at the Warriors 20 Trojans QB Gary McNey threw a pick to the Warriors’ Alexander Deacon ruining a chance to tie things up.

The resulting drive had the Warriors hitting a big pass down the field to Kieran Cutlan to bring them into the red zone. From there another run from Tranter scored.

The Trojans really struggled to get things going early on, a bobbled snap ruined their next drive forcing them to punt on the fourth play. The Warriors meanwhile were looking unstoppable as another drive down the field saw the first of several passing TDs for Gareth Thomas and the two point conversion was good, score now 22-0.

At the end of the first quarter things were getting out of hand for the Trojans, they had had little luck on offense and were giving up huge yards on defense. Things did not improve on the first drive of the second quarter as on a 2nd and 3 play McNey threw another pick, this time to Geraint Roberts. The defense still was not in the game either allowing Thomas to complete a big pass to Cutlan to the Trojans 2 yard line.

From there Thomas showed great athleticism as he scrambled out of the pocket from one side of the pitch to the other and then passing to Richard Cochrane standing alone on the edge of the end zone for another touchdown. The score line now was 28-0.

It was obvious that the Trojans needed something to go their way to stop the game getting out of hand. They finally got something going on the next drive. After a long methodical possession the Trojans went down the field thanks largely to some great runs from Jordan Falconer. A pass to McGeorge in the end zone finally got the side on the board 28-7.

The Trojans defense then echoed the offense’s success and finally got a stop. For a time it appeared the Warriors were going to get another score but they came up short on fourth down in the red zone thanks to a big stop by the Trojans number 15. That was how the half ended as the Trojans worked down to the Warriors twenty but ran out of time.

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Article courtesy of Jonatham Little
BAFANL News Editor

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