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East Kilbride Pirates run away with it

Written by  Garry
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EKP Raise the Division One Trophy at Britbowl XXV EKP Raise the Division One Trophy at Britbowl XXV

The Division 1 final between Leicester Falcons and East Kilbride Pirates for a time threatened to be a blowout. In the first half East Kilbride amassed 42 points with Leicester scoring 0. The Falcons staged something of a comeback after the break though and at the end the result was 63-23.

You had the feeling that the Pirates were in control throughout. The side scored on its first three possessions while the Falcons struggled even to get a first down. The Pirates quarterback Ryan Hunter and running back Iain Dick showed exactly why they were first and fourth in rushing yards for division 1 this season. They cut through the Falcons line so many times with Dick picking up three touchdowns and over 150 yards. It made for a deserved MVP award.

With the score 21-0 at the end of the first you would hope that the Falcons offense might be able to show a spark and stand a chance of getting back into it but further drives failed to get them into the Pirates’ half. The second quarter was more of the same, the Pirates scored at will, picking up another 21 points, while the Falcons floundered and picked up little.

Things changed after the break, whether the Pirates took their foot off the pedal or the Falcons’ change of quarterback affected the game more it is hard to tell especially after the replacement Bradley Thompson threw several picks. The Falcons got on the scoreboard in the third with a touchdown and a two point conversion narrowing the score to 49-8 for the end of the quarter. Leicester were now playing at a level close to East Kilbride, unfortunately the first half’s runaway scoring made it impossible for them to catch up. In the final quarter both sides got two more touchdowns with one of the Pirates’ scores coming right at the start of the quarter. The game finished with a jumbo scoreline of 63-23.

The Pirates success was thanks to a great first half performance while Leicester failed to move up the pitch. East Kilbride’s running game was fantastic throughout and certainly laid the foundations for their victory. I don’t think anyone expected this game to be the blowout it was but Leicester took too long to get going.

Article courtesy of Jonathan Little
BAFANL News Editor

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