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Blitz juniors add another title

Written by  Garry
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The Blitz Junior squad take the Britbowl XXV title The Blitz Junior squad take the Britbowl XXV title Garry Neesam

The final quarter of the game might not have shown the best of Junior football with a lot of penalties, an ejection and other issues leading to the game being called a minute early. The first half was strong with both sides getting on the board and competitive. It was the London Blitz juniors side who came out on top of the Gateshead Senators juniors though with a final scoreline of 44-14.

The Senators won the toss and their first possession saw them advance just two yards and nearly give up a touchdown after a wayward pitch. The resulting punt went only to their own 43. This put the Blitz offense in great position.

The first drive for London Blitz started slowly thanks to a four yard loss. The Blitz then got into gear first picking up a fourth down conversion and then following up with another first down. Charlie Joseph then showed some great moved after a catch to get the Blitz on the board with a touchdown.

On the next possession the Senators were forced to punt again after a penalty destroyed the drive but they got it right back as the Blitz had the first of several bobbled snaps, the ball just fell away from the quarterback and Gateshead landed on it, which gave them great field position. Quarterback Evander Harewood wasted no time on 2nd down running the ball in for the score from 11 yards out. Bringing the score to 8-6.

Article courtesy of Jonathan Little
BAFANL News Editor

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